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Clean-n-Green Lawn and Tree & Shrub care


About Clean-n-Green Lawn Care 

With Us the Grass is Greener

Love Your Lawn:

Don't just hire anyone! Clean-n-Green Lawn Care started here in the midsouth in 1995. Our owners have a combined experience tenure of over 30 years. It is never easy keeping your lawn attractive and beautiful. Lawns are more than just grass and dirt. It serves as an appealing extension to your home, your escape and your innate connection to nature. When it is green and thick, it tempts you to remove your shoes, lie down on your back and lose yourself within its simple perfection.

What is a lawn service?

A lawn service brings expertise towards meeting the needs of your lawn to keep it at its best. They offer services to make certain that your lawn achieves exact treatments needed all along the season. Most large lawn service companies employ different set of workers like people working in the office, salespeople found in field, technicians and crew managers. We are a small company who strives to know our customers on a more personal level. We want our customers know they can count on us to take care of your lawn the way you want it done. Our owners are out in the field just like our technicians. They desire a hands on approach that our current customers have come to appreciate. 

Kiss my Grass.....

Our lawn service technicians have an important role in maintaining your natural escape. Their job duties include monitoring the quality of landscaping, preventing and controlling weeds and controlling pests and viruses that attack a well maintained lawn. Their foremost responsibilities include keeping high-traffic areas green, clean and healthy with the use of proper fertilizers and chemicals. Our goal is to aid you and your groundskeepers in keeping the lawn grasses healthy, beautiful, weed free and at even heights. Whether you have a new lawn, an older well maintained lawn or you just want more time to enjoy your beautiful lawn. Let us be your partner in creating the lawn and natural escape you desire! 


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